11 Reasons Why You Should Eat Kale

August 22nd, 2018 3 min read

11 Reasons Why You Should Eat Kale

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Kale is today one of the most nutritionally important vegetables in the world, possessing the highest levels of lutein of all vegetables contained with the USDA’s database, and also belonging to the important family of cruciferous veggies. Kale grows best in cooler climates, especially Mediterranean regions, but also in many other regions of the world, including North America and throughout Europe.

Heart disease, cancer, weight loss, and more: Kale’s dark leafy greens hold important vitamins and minerals that offer incredible health benefits.

Here are 11 reasons why you should eat kale:

Kale is High in Iron.


Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef. Iron is essential for good health, such as the formation of hemoglobin and enzymes, transporting oxygen to various parts of the body, cell growth, proper liver function and more.

Kale is High in Vitamin K.

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Eating a diet high in Vitamin K can help protect against various cancers. It is also necessary for a wide variety of bodily functions including normal bone health and blood clotting. Also increased levels of vitamin K can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Kale Helps to Prevent Heart Disease.

Kale is rich in vitamin C—one cup of cooked kale has more than 50 percent of the daily requirement. That’ll help lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, which in turn will reduce the risk of heart disease. An analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials found that taking 500 mg of vitamin C a day for at least a month can result in lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Kale Fights Cancer.

Like other dark leafy greens, kale is rich in antioxidants like bioflavonoids, carotenoids, and other cancer-fighting compounds. It also contains indoles, compounds which can induce production of enzymes to help protect against cancer.

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Kale Promotes Bone Health.

Kale is rich in two bone-strengthening minerals: calcium and magnesium. It’s also rich in vitamin K, which promotes bone density.

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Kale Aids in Weight Loss, Making it Great for Detoxing

One cup of kale is only 50 calories, making it an ideal snack food to keep your waistline in check. It also contains fiber, which keeps you full longer which is great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy.

Kale is Filled With Powerful Antioxidants.

Antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids help protect against various cancers.

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Kale Protects the Eyes


Kale and other dark leafy greens contain lutein, which helps protect your vision against macular degeneration and cataracts.

Kale is a Great Anti-Inflammatory Food.

One cup of kale is filled with 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids, which help, fight against arthritis, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

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Kale is Great for Cardiovascular Support.

Eating more kale can help lower cholesterol levels.

Kale is High in Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is great for your vision, your skin as well as helping to prevent lung and oral cavity cancers.

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