15 Healthy Weight Loss Habits

June 5th, 2018 6 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

15 Healthy Weight Loss Habits

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Inspiration of the article:

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. —Robert Collier

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Healthy Weight Loss Habits can be achieved with small little fixes in your day. I promise

Creating healthy habits will set you off for more success for your weight loss goals. It’s all about the little changes and small steps.

Without further ado, here are 15 healthy weight loss habits that you should follow:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is good for you plain and simple. The more water you drink throughout the day the better. Water helps speed up your metabolism and cleanses your body of waste. If you feel like you retaining water from overindulging or too much sodium drinking water can help shed that bloat. Here are 9 Ways to Drink More Water

2. Sleep

Sleep is an important factor in healthy weight loss habits. Studies show that the less a person sleeps it slows down your metabolism and messes with your cortisol levels.

Cortisol also is known as the stress hormone helps you control your blood sugar levels and regulates metabolism. This could lead to excess fat so the more rested and stress you are the better. Not convinced? Read these 5 Ways Sleep Can Help Slim Your Body.

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3. Walk More

Find those little extra steps in your day to increase your exercise. Park far away from the store when shopping, take an extra lap around the store or go out for a family walk during the day. Those “little” steps add up fast and the more calories you will burn over the day.

4. Create A Routine

You might be thinking what do routines have to do with healthy weight loss habits? A lot! When you get into a routine of working out or eating healthy you are more likely to stick to it. It becomes second nature. Having a good routine will help you stay motivated to stick to your weight loss goals.

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5. Everything In Moderation

Just because you are trying to create Healthy Weight Loss Habits does not mean you need to cut out your favorite foods!

Having a bite of something sweet like cookies or brownies is okay, as long as it’s in moderation. Depriving yourself of certain foods you love can take a toll on you, you will most likely eat more.

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Tip – Before you grab those cookies have something from the m/healthfulinspired/posts/2018-06-05_b/calories.jpg) When you are trying t and a glass of water. That way your almost full and will not indulge too much.

6. Count Calories

When you are trying to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. By tracking your calories you can see where you need to cut back or increase your physical activity.

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This does not mean you need to be a slave to counting calories but if you want to lose weight track what you eat until you get into a routine to see what works best for you.

7. Take Progress Pictures for Motivation

Most of us turn to the scale to see results of our hard efforts when it comes to weight loss. It could become a dangerous obsession if you are not careful and really not the best way to see progress as your weight will fluctuate.

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Instead, take pictures of yourself from all angles to see how far you’ve come along on your weight loss journey.

8. Take Vitamins

I am not talking about those lose weight fast pills here.

Adding in a multi-vitamin for is key to maintain Healthy Weight Loss Habits.

If you are lacking a nutrient in your diet a good multi-vitamin can pick up that loss and fuel your body like it needs to be.

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9. Don’t Drink Your Calories

Ditch the soda and high-calorie drinks. Not only are they loaded with calories but high in sugar as well.

Your body is not gaining any good nutrients from these high-calorie drinks.

What about diet soda?

Nope, ditch them as well for good Healthy Weight Loss Habits! Soda either diet or regular have been shown to have negative side effects such as tooth decay, bone thinning and heart disease.

10. Prep Your Clean Eating Meals and Snacks

Most of the time we grab the processed not good for you foods because – it’s easy!

Make healthy eating easy by meal prepping. Cut up those fruits and veggies and store them into serving size containers.

Prep your proteins the same way and make meals ahead of time.

11. Cut Out The Sugar

Sugar, sucrose and high fructose corn syrup contain empty calories. They offer no health benefits at all.

Where you can cut out the excess sugar. Get your sugar in a more “natural way” with fresh fruits, however, remember to keep them in moderation as well.

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12. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason.

Eating breakfast is part of my Healthy Weight Loss Habits for one reason, it sets your day off for success!

A good well-balanced breakfast containing protein and high in fiber will keep you fuller for longer, reducing hunger later on in the day.

13. Find A Workout You Love

The best way to stick to a workout is to find something you love.

You are more likely to stick to your Healthy Weight Loss Habits and stay motivated.

There are so many workouts you can do to get your heart rate up and burn extra fat such as weight training, which is great for boosting your metabolism!

Protein offers , HIIT and CrossFit just to name a few. Try a few out until you find the one you can not live without.

14. Add Protein To Every Meal

Protein takes longer to digest therefore we feel fuller longer. It’s also great for boosting your metabolism!

Protein offers great benefits for your diet portion but also for your fitness portion. A well-balanced diet that incorporates lean protein can help building & maintaining muscle. It also helps with fat loss!

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15. Stop Eating After Dinner

Late night snacking is usually mindless. You are tired. You sit down on the couch, watch a movie and just snacking on whatever you can get your hands on without even thinking about it.

Sound familiar?

Pick a time that you shut down your kitchen and stick to it. You will save yourself a ton of empty calories.

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So there you have it 15 Healthy Weight Loss Habits!

Weight loss does not have to be a struggle but by simply changing little things as I mentioned during your day can help you lose weight a little easier!

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