7 Exercises To Burn Fat With Resistance Bands

June 5th, 2018 4 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

7 Exercises To Burn Fat With Resistance Bands

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So what are these resistance bands exercises to burn fat and how it can help you too. Well, A record-setting number of those who usually commit themselves to exercise can bear me witness that weights form 80 percent of the tools used in a gym, dumbbells being the most common. I don’t deny that they are effective.

But let me enlighten you about something else: The resistance band. I have all the reasons to praise it. I just like everything about it. Stay here, read more so that you can also know more about them.

Advantages of resistance band.

If something is good enough, then its advantages are worth putting down on a list.

To name a few of the advantages:

  1. They are highly portable.
  2. They can be used to modify muscles found in any part of the body in just one move, unlike dumbbells which only targets a single muscle mass at a time.
  3. They’re inexpensive compared to their equals.
  4. They can be used any time.
  5. They can be used for exercises that imitate natural movement patterns.

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Let me not bore you up much. I want you to see some of these exercises i am talking about. At the end, I trust my gut that you will feel like the list should continue!

The Restricted Push Up

Basically, push ups target almost all parts of your body for fat burning and/or even muscle development. The list is long. Push up is a broad spectrum fat burning exercise for your body.

A restricted push up is simply a hardened push up. You will use more strength and consequently burn more fat in this regard.

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Simply grab each end of the resistance band. As it goes through beneath your armpits, let it pass across your shoulders. Set yourself in the push up position and do the restricted push up. You can reduce the length between the ends if you prefer a more difficult challenge.

Overhead Press

Identify the middle of the band and stand there upright with your legs shoulder apart. Hold the ends (or near the ends, depending on your height) of the resistance band. With your palms facing front, lift it to a height where you feel there’s tension all through it.

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Next lift it further overhead, trying as much as possible to keep your core and glutes tensed. Your elbows should be kept close to your head. Repeat severally.

The Band Pull-Apart

Simply hold any two ends of the resistance band tight with your hands stretched in front. Keeping your hands stretched out straight, pull apart the band, opening your chest and keeping the other parts of your body still. Stretch it as wide as possible. Repeat about 20 times. You will feel that effect I tell you.

Rowing Sequence

Stand on the resistance band with legs widely stretched out. Wider than your hips. Bend with your knees as the pivot just along the waistline. Hold either side of the resistance band and let it pass through the front of your legs. In that bent over posture, row back the band in about 30 moves. It works!

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Rotating Lunge And Row

Split yourself such that your right leg is in the front and left leg behind you. Lift your left heel. Half-fold your resistance band and hold it in a parallel posture to the ground with your palms facing the ground in the front of your chest. Row the resistance band into your chest, bending your elbows as you stretch it wider and wider. Keep down low your shoulders. While rowing, just rotate your trunk to the right as you lower yourself into a lunge. Do 10 for each side.

Lateral Raise

Stand at the centre of the resistance band, just in the exact position as you did with the overhead press.

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Next, as your palms face one another and with your hands at your sides, raise your hands to your sides keeping them straight. Do this to the height of your shoulders as you look straight in front. Repeat several times.


So we have gone through all 7 resistance bands exercises to burn fat that you can start it from now. I promise you that all these works beyond your expectations. You will burn all the fat in your body. I can hear you yearning for more now. Have a good luck!

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