8 Perfect Mind Tricks To Help You Lose Weight

July 2nd, 2018 7 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

8 Perfect Mind Tricks To Help You Lose Weight

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You can be pitiful, or you can be powerful, but you can’t be both. —Joyce Meyer

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Weight loss can be one of the most complex topics you've ever come across, ever. Many factors affect your progress to losing weight. But did you know that your mind has a lot more to do with losing weight than you think? And I am not just talking about willpower here. Using pure willpower to overcome food cravings is just not always going to work.

However, the good news is you just need to sort of trick your mind in order to help you avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Here are 8 perfect mind tricks to help you lose weight:

Use the "apple trick"

Amy Goodson, RD, sports dietitian for the Dallas Cowboys states that: "The next time you're standing in front of the refrigerator trying to figure out what you're craving, maybe you're not really hungry.""

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Want to find out if you're genuinely hungry or simply just trying to satisfying that craving of yours?

Goodson adds: "When you crave a salty or sweet treat, ask yourself if you'd eat an apple," And "If the answer is yes, you're hungry and it's okay to have a small snack. If not, drink some water, because you're not really hungry."

Since thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger, drinking a glass of water should shush your craving.

Associate disgusting thoughts with food

Looking at a gross photo (a dead fly lying in a cold bowl of salad---woops) when you want that chocolate fudgecake could could immediately turn your brain 180 degrees and say “NOPE. NOT TODAY,” suggests a 2015 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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When researchers quickly showed the participants disgusting photos before actually showing them photos of deliciously looking foods like ice cream, people ended up having less of an appetite immediately afterwards and had fewer cravings for those foods up to 5 days later. I would agree to that.

When your brain begins to associate disgust with some food, it becomes less appetizing. We've all been there and done that one before.

Substitute unhealthy food with healthy foods that closely resemble them

Jonathan Alpert, a New York City based psychotherapist and author of Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days states: "Find a healthy alternative that shares some of the same qualities as the fatty food you've got a craving for". Do you usually drink sprite or 7up to satisfy your thirst? Substitute with canada dry instead. Or instead of salted potato chips, you might as well just get a batch of satisfyingly crispy kale chips. You don't always have to be attached to that yummy carton of ice cream in the freezer. Alternatively you can order the Smoothie Diet to take advantage of all the 21 healthy delicious smoothy recipes to compliment your weight loss dieting).

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"Over time your taste buds and brain will adjust and learn to like these healthier options," says Alpert.

Manipulation with social media

Posting a picture on social media can help you enjoy your food more, as stated in the 2016 research in the Journal of Consumer Marketing. It’s the before-moment of taste satisfaction between snapping the picture and chowing down on it that tells your brain, “you’re about to eat something special. yes, you.”

Forget the diet

"People who are naturally slim don’t diet", says researchers at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.

In addition, 74 percent of about 150 participants said they either rarely or never dieted.

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But that doesn't mean that they woke up to a pound of chocolate pudding and went to bed with 2 servings of chocolate fudge brownies. What they mean is they paid attention to their eating habits. Instead of following fad diets which probably don't even work, they do other things to lose weight such as mindful eating, listening to their hunger signals, and focus on real, whole foods. It doesn't heart to follow these 12 superfoods every man needs in his diet to get healthier as well.

Open to your emotions

You reward yourself with a slice of pie for a job well done. When you’re very stressed however, uninvited mindless snacking begins to creep up on you, and soon your jar of cookies end up gone.

In late 2015, 31% of Americans in a survey by Orlando Health said that exercise and diet was “the biggest barrier to weight loss” and only 10% said that psychological factors even played a role. But the truth is, we eat for many emotional reasons (but not very many people realize this), and to lose weight fast you have to understand the reason behind what you’re eating, said by Orlando Health neuropsychologist Diane Robinson, PhD (1).

Before munching, she recommends asking yourself if you’re doing so because you’re hungry. If the answer is no, it might take some good research to finally understand the emotions that are involved in your own eating habits. Start with Emotional Eating And Its Effects For Weight Loss.

Flip your thoughts

Before you sit down to the table, ignore all thoughts of “that quinoa is good for me” or “that avocado has healthy fats!” Rather, eat to relish in the taste.

Researches in theJournal of the Association for Consumer Research conducted a study and discovered that people who think of a food as healthy find it as less filling—and then they end up getting a bigger portion while still feeling hungry afterwards.

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Tip: Think about how your meal is going to provide nourishment benefits to your body and you will find that satisfied feeling will return. Read: This 21 Day Diet Has 3 Phases that Transform Your Body - Burn 12 to 23 Pounds of Fat!

Focus on your success

You're trying to achieve your weight loss goal and it's going seldomly well. What's getting in the way is you begin to get these random cravings because the bag of chips you just imagined in your head now seems too hard to resist.

Researchers at Plymouth University in the UK, and Queensland University of Technology in Australia developed Functional Imagery Training (FIT), a novel therapeutic intervention to build motivation and help individuals achieve their goals where you imagine your health and weight loss goals in a vivid way. How it works is it allows motivation to stay high throughout the process of achieving pre-set goals by focusing on immediate benefits of feeling good and recalling past events where you said no to that cheesecake earlier this afternoon, which knocks the craving out of your mind and keeps you motivated. You might also want to learn these weight loss tips on how to keep your weight loss goal in check by keeping yourself in check.

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A study was conducted in 2016 where they divided people into two groups. The first group involved people who were assigned to receive a session of FIT immediately. The second group, however, received their FIT session after a 2-4 week delay. The results showed that the first group ate fewer high-sugar and high-fat snacks over the next two weeks compared to the second group. By the end of the trial, both groups showed rises in frequences of motivational thoughts about snack reductions (1).

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