9 Ways To Lose Weight Fast At Home Before Bedtime

Author: Margaret Dew

June 23rd, 2018 4 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

9 Ways To Lose Weight Fast At Home Before Bedtime

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We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons. —Jim Rohn

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Weight loss is a complex and slow process---it may most likely take weeks and even months for you to achieve your goals when it comes to losing weight.

We most likely know by now that it cannot happen overnight. What we can do about that however, is start carrying out some ways to make the weight loss process quicker by knowing how to enforce some tricks to be done every day at home before going to bed that can help you with losing weight quickly than before.

Below is a list of nine things that can help you shed those extra kilos.

Sprinkling Pepper On Your Last Meal

A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry explains that the piperine---an ingredient in black pepper has the power to stop your body from creating new fat cells and could be used to treat obesity (1). Sprinkling pepper over your food is a great trick to start. You can sprinkle pepper on your soup, dal or veggies.
Add it onto brown rice for a gradual boost in weight loss.

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Sleeping In Colder Temperature

People who sleep in cooler temperature (a colder room for example) can burn up to 100 extra calories every night while sleeping.

Why is that?

Sleeping in a colder room makes it easier to fall asleep and also increases the melatonin released by your body. Studies also say that while sleeping in a cold room, your body has to work harder to maintain its ideal temperature. Maybe you should also consider these 10 fat burning juices everyone must have for quick weight loss before bedtime to even add a slimmer transformation over time.

Taking A Hot Bath Before Sleeping

By taking a hot bath before you go to bed, you increase your body’s metabolism. The higher and faster the metabolism means the more calories you burn. The results of a study also suggests that a bath before sleep enhances the quality of sleep (1) which is commonly recommended for a quality weight loss process. Sleeping properly is another important factor which can accelerate your weight loss plan.

Avoid Screens Before Bedtime

People who watch TV before they sleep don’t get enough rest and suffer from poor lifestyle habits. A research in ZERO Belly diet suggests that the longer they watch TV at bedtime, the fatter they get.

Eating A Dairy Product

According to a research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, there is clear evidence that consuming dairy products before sleeping can improve body’s recovery after exercise. Recovery after exercising is as important as exercising for weight loss. You can make a smoothie with half a glass of milk and a fruit.

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Eating Mint

A study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine found that just by sniffing peppermint every two hours, one can lose two kilos of weight in one month. Having hot water with mint leaves before you sleep may help you wake up refreshed next morning.

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Planning For The Next Day

Planning does not only make things easy and saves time but also makes you disciplined. Planning and packing will help you cut down calories as well as expenses. According to Atlanta dieticians, people who want to lose weight should plan their meal a day before. Planning meals stop you from bingeing and helps you eat a healthy, satisfying and nutrient-rich meal.

Having A Cup Of Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has relaxing agents that soothe your nerves and help you sleep better. It makes you fall asleep faster and cut fat around your belly.

Having A Cup Of Red Tea

Red tea not only gets rid of hunger pangs, but it also promotes fat burning and boosts energy without relying on caffeine.

Drink this tasty red tea (Red Tea Detox Recipe) and in only 14 days from now, you'll have kick-started your natural fat-burning system into overdrive, turning your body into a calorie burning machine. The unique combination of special ingredients in this tea literally unlocks your fat cells to help remove built-up toxins and reset your body's metabolism - and these are the two factors that are making it impossible for you to lose weight. Read more about it here.

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