9 Wonderful Health Benefits of Coffee

July 31st, 2018 8 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

9 Wonderful Health Benefits of Coffee

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Yum. Coffee has always been one of my most favorite topics to talk about. That probably has to do with my irresistible, eternal love for coffee in the morning and night. It makes it an even more entertaining topic to talk about when over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed a day as of today, according to Wikipedia. However, my love for coffee isn't all about the taste. What comes in between are the coffee health benefits, including being a viable option for weight loss.

You probably don't need any further love from coffee, but its always a great feeling to fall more in love with what we love drinking all the time. So without further ado, here are 9 health benefits of coffee to make your morning cup of coffee taste more special than you had ever imagined:

Coffee Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier

coffee can help treat depression and keep you happy

Feeling a bit down lately? Enjoy yourself with a cup of coffee!

Coffee has the ability to combat depression, therefore improving your mood.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide with about 17.5 million of them being Americans.

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One study found that caffeine, particularly from coffee, has the ability to help prevent depression.

Another study from Harvard found that women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day were 20% less likely to become depressed.

Coffee has also been shown to reduce the risk of suicide (1).

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So if you're suffering from depression, try sipping a cup of coffee in the morning! Though if you're suffering from depression it'd be more appropriate for you to seek professional help. Don't just drink a cup of coffee and expect it to cure your problems!

Caffeine In Coffee Helps With Fat Burning

caffeine in coffee is able to help you burn fat fast

Have you ever wondered why many weight loss supplements contain caffeine? Caffeine is actually one of the very few natural substances that help promote weight loss. However, it's important to know that the cheapest and healthiest way to lose weight is through proper dieting and exercising without any involvement with substances or diet pills, so consuming a cup of coffee can naturally help you lose weight fast.

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Studies show that caffeine is able to boost your metabolic rate by 3-11% more calories than it normally would. By burning even more calories than usual as well as eating slightly under a caloric deficit and regularly exercising, you will be able to lose weight fast in no time.

In addition, the caffeine inside coffee was shown to increase fat oxidation rates, or the burning of fat, by up to 10% in obese individuals and up to 29% in normal weight people (1). So coffee is great for many things.

It's very unfortunate however that most people develop stronger tolerants to caffeine over time, meaning you won't always get to experience the benefits of weight loss associated with it. However that shouldn't stop you from drinking coffee to take in other amazing health benefits from it.

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Coffee Possesses Crucial Nutrients

coffee has crucial nutrients that will keep you living healthy

Our bodies love it when we provide it essential nutrients, and while coffee beans are roasted, they don't really lose all of their nutrititional content which make them a widely suitable source of essential nutrients to keep our bodies nice and happy.

According to nutritiondata.self.com, a single cup of coffee contains:

DV = Daily Value

  • Potassium (3% DV)
  • Manganese (3% DV)
  • Magnesium (2% DV)
  • Niacin (2% DV)
  • Vitamin B2 Riboflavin (11% DV)
  • Panthothenic Acid (6% DV)
  • 2.4 Calories
  • 0g Fat
  • 0g Sugar
  • 0.3g Protein

While the daily values seem questionably low, when you factor in how many cups of coffee you drink a day (I almost always have at least 2 cups in one day), it adds up.

Coffee Boosts Energy and Makes You Smarter

coffee is an energy booster and will help make you smarter

Who wouldn't want to have more energy throughout the day? This wins my heart for coffee. Actually, let me take that back one step. It wins half my heart---the reward of making your brain sharper is probably the best thing that we could ask for, all while sipping on some delicious coffee at your convenience. Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant, which helps block the receptor that normally contains adenosine when consumed. Adenosine helps slow down the firing of neurons in your brain, which allow you to think clearly and calmly. Isn't it amazing to realize how much the side effects of coffee end up benefiting us?

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However, blocking the adenosine increases the amount of other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine, which increase the firing of neurons in your brain. As a result you end up feeling more alert by having better reaction times, increased energy throughout the day and overall improved cognitive functioning. (Doesn't that sound too good to be true?)

Coffee Improves Physical Performance

coffee helps improve physical performance and exercise more

Coffee is actually a great pre-workout "supplement" because it increases physical performance (1), allowing you to last longer, work harder, and receive better results, which is good for you.

When you drink coffee (caffeine specifically speaking), it takes somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to be fully absorbed by your stomach and small intestine.

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Once metabolized, it breaks down and triggers the increase of fat burning rates while also opening up your lungs, helping you breath easier.

Fat oxidation releases free fatty acids helping them slide into your bloodstream, where they are then used as sources of fuel. This is important to remember, because fat is a more reliable and steady fuel source than carbohydrates (or glucose).

In addition, you're able to perform better with a continuous supply of energy. One last thing I need to mention in this section is that coffee helps cause spikes in adrenaline which has shown to increase your performance by approximately 11-12%. Another reason to sip on a cup of coffee.

Coffee Keeps Your Heart Happy

drinking coffee will help keep your heart nice and healthy

The caffeine in coffee has the amazing ability to raise blood pressure (although not by a lot), and it usually returns to normal if you drink coffee regularly. Tolerance might just be your biggest enemy when it comes to enjoying your daily coffee.

Studies have shown that consuming coffee doesn’t actually increase your risk of heart disease, even though increased blood pressure may be persistent in some people.

Instead, in some women it has been shown to actually reduce the risk of heart disease (1).

Other studies have shown that people who drink coffee experience a 20% lower risk of stroke (1).

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Coffee Lowers the Risk of Certain Diseases and Cancer

coffee can help lower the risk of cancer and some diseases

Drinking coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, particularly in colorectal cancers and liver.

Liver cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the world, with colorectal cancer being fourth.

One study found that people who drink coffee are less likely to develop liver cancer by a whopping 40%. Good riddance!

Another study found that people who drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day are less likely to develop colorectal cancer by 15%.

Coffee May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

coffee may lower risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects nearly 300 million people worldwide and accounts for 90-95% of all adults who had diagnosed cases of diabetes. Although it is a large number, it’s definitely preventable.

A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that over a 4 year period, the people who increased their coffee intake by more than 1 cup a day had an 11% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who didn’t change their coffee intake.

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More importantly, the study showed a 17% increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes by people who decreased their coffee consumption by more than 1 cup a day.

Other studies have shown that more frequent coffee drinkers are 23-67% less likely to develop this disease. The coffee health benefits are too good to pass, folks!

Coffee May Help You Live Longer

coffee may help you live longer and healthier

Several studies were conducted that showed a link between life expectancy and coffee.

In two large studies in particular, drinking coffee was linked to a lower risk of death in women by 26% while men had a 20% lower risk (1).

So if you like drinking coffee and haven't had a cup of coffee today yet, what are you waiting for?! You might just be losing minutes of your life!

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