Burpees have been around for as long as fitness has been a thing.

So with that said, why are burpees highly regarded as an effective workout, and why is it considered a high intensity interval training workout?

These are the major benefits that the burpee workout routine provides:

They burn tremendous calories

Burpees are one of the unique workouts that represent itself as a full-body workout which utilizes muscles seemingly everywhere including the feet and to your neck, and to the shoulders.

Since burpee is considered a HIIT workout, they practically burn roughtly 50% more fat than moderate exercises like cycling do.

They will make you stronger

Although burpees are not nearly as effective as lifting weights in improving your strength, you will receive some strength benefits nonetheless. The unique thing about burpees in this comparison is that by doing burpees you'll learn to produce strength under fatigue, which is a critical skill that athletes need to be able to last an entire game.

They're great for improved conditioning

Burpees are highly embraced in the toughest of workouts. Three major moves make up an entire Burpee:

  1. Deep squats
  2. Push ups
  3. Squat jumps

It's no wonder that Burpees are a killer exercise that burns you out very quickly--they'll get your heart rate up fast.

They do not require any equipments

Which makes them viable and available to anyone, anywhere at anytime.



  • Start in a squat position with your hands on the ground
  • Jump back and lower your chest to the ground
  • Jump your feet toward your hands
  • Jump up and get some air!

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