Former Health Writer Took Her Own Advice And Lost 43 Pounds

Author: Anthea Levi as told by Lindsey

May 16th, 2018 2 min read

Former Health Writer Took Her Own Advice And Lost 43 Pounds

Lindsey was a former weight loss writer for the Health magazine who'd interview women every month about their weight-loss journeys. Here's how she took her own advice, took control of her health and how these interviews influenced her way to success.

Lindsey: Before I begin my story, you should know that two years ago I was a writer for Health, and every month I’d interview women about their weight-loss journeys for this page, listening to how their bad choices had sent them to their highest weight. Little did they know I could relate: I ate every meal out, never left food on my plate, and indulged in boozy weekend brunches. And I finished those interviews feeling a bit hypocritical. Still, it wasn’t until April 2017, after seeing some less-than-flattering photos of myself, that I hopped on the scale for the first time in forever. I was immediately hit with all the emotions those women had described to me: shock, shame, discomfort. I knew that I needed to take control. So I signed up for Weight Watchers about a week later.

Meal Prep 101

I was used to eating takeout, like Caesar salads doused in dressing and thick slices of avocado toast topped with tons of cheese, but thanks to the program, I learned that those seemingly “healthy” dishes were actually full of calories. I began home-cooking all of my meals (like brown rice, brussels sprouts, and chicken) every day, which helped me rein in my portions. Within two months, I was down 20 pounds.

Class Act

By August 2017, I had added in even more healthy habits, re-signing up for ClassPass and taking a strength, indoor cycling, and treadmill and weight-training interval class each week. Regular sweat sessions helped me enter 2018 feeling stronger than ever, and just four weeks into the new year, I had lost a total of 43 pounds. Having been inspired by women who post their transformations on social media, I followed suit, sharing a before-and-after photo on Instagram. I didn’t do it to get likes, but to pay homage to the women who had moved me to get fit in the first place, and hopefully to motivate others who still need that push. Pay it forward, right?

Try Her Tricks

Find a Sweet Spot: It’s not worth depriving yourself all day so you can have that slice of cake at the party. Plus, it’s easy to devour three slices if you show up starving. I eat clean most of the time so I can indulge now and then.

Fine-Tune Your Favorites: From smaller portions of whole wheat pasta (instead of lasagna!) to subbing Greek yogurt for sour cream in Buffalo chicken dip, I look for healthier ways to re-create comfort food.

Spearhead Plans: Why avoid going out to dinner with friends? Instead, I suggest spots where I know wholesome options are available.

Buddy Up: It’s tough for me to motivate in the morning, but a former coworker and I go to a 6 a.m. boot camp every Friday. Getting myself up and out is way easier when I know she’ll be waiting for me.

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