7 Exercises To Burn Fat With Resistance Bands

June 5th 4 min read

So what are these resistance bands exercises to burn fat and how it can help you too. Well, A record-setting number of those who usually commit themselves to exercise can bear me witness that weights form 80 percent of the tools used in a gym, dumbbells being the most common. I don’t deny that they are effective. But let me enlighten you about…

28 Best Swiss Ball Ab Exercises

June 4th 7 min read

The swiss ball is as versatile as kettle bells, TRX and many other fitness tools you can think of. It goes by many different names such as the fit ball, swiss ball and balance ball to name but a few. What makes swiss ball exercises so effective is that any exercise performed on the swiss ball becomes more intense due to the instability. Why use the…

5 Minute Killer Kettlebell Abs Workout

June 4th 3 min read

Kettlebell training is a great way to build strength, burn body fat, endurance and muscle tone. You will find kettlebells in any gym and they are as popular as other fitness tools like the TRX, battle ropes, and swiss ball, to name a few. What makes them popular though is that they have also been said to be great for weight loss as they have been…

Burn More Body Fat With 5 Simple Moves & Exercises

May 9th 7 min read

We've all asked these questions before: What's the best way to burn fat the fastest? Which exercises are the most efficient? Which ones burn the most calories? How many calories would I burn if I just do jumping jacks? Well you walked into the right place because I'm going to fill you up with the answers that hopefully solves your concerns! The…

11 Best Exercises To Diminish The Fat Around Your Belly

May 3rd 5 min read

Most of us can agree that if we want to create lean, healthy muscle tissue in our stomachs, it is not the most pleasant experience on the road. The abs are a problem area for many people, and you may have to shed fat before your stomach muscles become visible. That being said, not all abs are created equal. Some people need to work their abs to…

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