How to Eat Chia Seeds: 10 Different Ways

August 15th 6 min read

Chia seeds have been trending tremendously over the past few years, and that might have to do with their amazing health benefits that they offer as they are loaded with plenty of nutrition. If you've been making any effort to eating healthier recently, chances are you might have taken a dab at a chia seed recipe or two. These tiny black seeds…

10 Lovely Health Benefits of Avocados

August 12th 7 min read

If you don't love avocados at the moment, it's probably safe to assume that you are allergic to them or out of your mind. Just kidding. But the health benefits of avocados are a tremendous boost promoting a healthier body overall! They're not only delicious but they are also one of the most satisfying foods on the planet! These wonder-fruits (my…

9 Best Foods to Avoid To Lose Weight

August 10th 7 min read

Best way to lose weight? Start with foods to avoid eating. When it comes to dieting and counting your calories, every bite matters. It's so easy to take a wrong step in your journey to lose weight. And since dieters are constantly looking for quick and easy ways to slim down, this list made its way to claim its own page for those of you who might…

9 Best Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

August 9th 5 min read

Flax seeds have long been praised for their health benefits, and now they have been trending recently as a superfood for weight loss tips due to their abilities to prevent weight gaining habits, like overeating. They're also emerging as an important food ingredient that plays a functional role due to its rich contents of a-linolenic acid (ALA, omeg…

10 Top Health Benefits of Grapefruit

August 8th 5 min read

Grapefruit is commonly known for its sweet and somewhat sour taste. They're rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, which make them one of the healthiest fruit when compared to other fruits. However, the taste can vary as my experiences were mostly bitter (no pun intended). Some examples of health benefits they bring to the body are healthier…

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