7 Mistakes You’re Making on a Low-Carb Diet

July 12th 6 min read

If you've been on the media about health and weight loss, the chances of you stumbling on low-carb diets are huge. Many people think carbs are the biggest culprit to making you fat, so they assume that avoiding carbs completely will keep them from becoming overweight, obese, or removing that disgusting belly fat on their stomach. Unfortunately it…

12 Ways You Can Get Vitamin D Without The Sun

July 11th 5 min read

Vitamin D is naturally present in very few foods, can be added to other foods, and is available as dietary supplements. They are a fat-soluble vitamin that can also be produced when ultraviolet rays from sunlight touch your skin, triggering vitamin D synthesis. It is very important to get your source of vitamin D as it provides tons of health…

7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

July 10th 6 min read

We've all been there before. We start our routines to stay fit. Everything was going fine--you were going to the gym on a regular basis, watched what you were eating, and then, all of a sudden you lost your motivation, and your momentum dies out quickly. You no longer go to the gym on a consistent basis, and now your body is progressing much slower…

27 Essential Eating Tips To Make You Healthier

July 9th 9 min read

The life we live in is full of many surprises. And in life, there are endless choices that you make every day--some of which can impact your health negatively or vice versa. Here are 27 essential eating tips to help you develop healthier eating habits: Slice pineapple on your own It’s more effort, but buying fresh-cut versions at produce stands…

7 Worst Mental Attitudes That Make It Harder To Lose Weight

July 8th 5 min read

When you think your ability to achieving weight loss is close to none, it can be really critical to your success. Here, Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper revealed the outlooks that can make losing weight harder, plus important advice to change your thinking. Should This, Should That You have a secret list of many inflexible commandments about how…

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