27 Essential Eating Tips To Make You Healthier

July 9th 9 min read

The life we live in is full of many surprises. And in life, there are endless choices that you make every day--some of which can impact your health negatively or vice versa. Here are 27 essential eating tips to help you develop healthier eating habits: Slice pineapple on your own It’s more effort, but buying fresh-cut versions at produce stands…

7 Worst Mental Attitudes That Make It Harder To Lose Weight

July 8th 5 min read

When you think your ability to achieving weight loss is close to none, it can be really critical to your success. Here, Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper revealed the outlooks that can make losing weight harder, plus important advice to change your thinking. Should This, Should That You have a secret list of many inflexible commandments about how…

Scientists Share Bad News: Nature Wants You to Be Fat, Even If You Don’t

July 7th 5 min read

Many of you already know. Losing weight is the most difficult life struggle for some. The effortlessly thin strangers giving you the once-over in the grocery store don’t make it any easier. And just like the airplane passengers who glare at the parents with crying babies, it’s obvious they’ve never had to deal with this. If they had, they wouldn…

What Is The 16:8 Diet And How Does It Help For Weight Loss?

July 7th 4 min read

What Is The 16:8 Diet And How Does It Help For Weight Loss? Losing weight is no longer just about dieting anymore. With so much information out there (thank you technology), choosing a diet plan that exactly suits your bodily needs is no longer an issue. One diet has been trending recently, and it's called intermittent fasting . There are several…

Lost Your Momentum? 18 Tips You Need To Get You Back On Losing Weight Again

July 6th 9 min read

You were probably having huge success with your weight loss efforts and you were at it for awhile. However, you skipped two days in a row and you find it very hard to get back on track--losing your momentum you wish you had back. It's not your fault, it happens to all of us. You had 6 more pounds to go? Use these critical tips to help you shed…

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