Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Weight Loss In Latest Instagram Photo

Author: Tiffany Bailey as told by Kelly Clarkson

May 31st, 2018 2 min read

Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Weight Loss In Latest Instagram Photo

Kelly Clarkson has joined The Voice and all eyes are on her. Since having children, she has battled her weight. From being fat-shamed by people in the business to fans’ comments on social media, Clarkson has been through it all.

There have been some hard moments for Kelly Clarkson to deal with because of the perception Hollywood has about how women should look. She revealed she battled bulimia in high school because she felt that being skinnier would lead her to get better parts. In recent years, she has been more confident despite people making comments about her weight. Clarkson revealed she is okay working with a little extra weight as long as she is happy. Being skinny didn’t make her happy; something that took her a while to realize.

In a brand new Instagram photo, Kelly Clarkson shows off just how much weight she has lost. Carrying baby weight around is a struggle for many women, something she can sympathize with. The new photo shows Clarkson in her chair on The Voice set looking better than ever. Everything from her clothing to her hair is done well. The weight loss is apparent in Kelly’s face, something that people notice almost immediately when looking at someone.

At this point in her career, Kelly Clarkson has it all – new music, new look, and a brand new show. Adding her to The Voice has gotten mixed reviews, but she is enjoying her time there.

Her weight loss is being talked about a lot. Kelly Clarkson was previously shamed for being heavier than people thought she should be, and now, there are critics slamming her for losing too much weight too fast.

After almost two decades in the spotlight, Kelly Clarkson has learned to roll with the punches. In previous interviews, she has addressed how she was talked down to on American Idol because she wasn’t as thin as the other girls. At that point, she was working toward a monumental point in life. Now, Clarkson is a mother and her music has evolved. People have to take her as she is, and that is fine with her because she is happy with herself.

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