Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows emphasize muscles around the back including the lats, the erector spinae, rear delts, biceps, and forearm flexors.

The back needs thickness not just width, as per our current top bodybuilder's, your back should be thick and meaty. When back training you can do as many as a total of 15 sets or up to 30 sets for the back, while hitting many different angles for complete and overall development. When doing Seated Cable Rows your main objective is to build back thickness to pronounce detail in a lat spread or back double biceps shot.



  1. Seated at a Machine Row machine, plant your feet on the ground keeping your back straight.
  2. Keeping your stomach muscles engaged, extend your arms and grab a hold of your desired weight.
  3. With your thumbs pointed toward the ceiling bend your elbows so that your hands are drawn to the sides of your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  4. Slowly extend your elbows returning to the starting position.

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