My Complete Review of Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet

When You Need to Lose Weight and You NEED The Program to Work

October 9th, 2018 16 min read

The 2 Week Diet by Brian Flatt


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  • It includes everything you need to lose weight.
  • Very affordable pricing.
  • Experience isn't necessary. Works for all ages, for women and men.
  • 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.


  • The program actually doesn't touch much on what happens after the 2 weeks. Although there's really nothing stopping you from repeating the program.


Reviewed by: Margaret Dew

If you've been trying to lose weight, you most likely understand how frustrating and tiring the whole process can be. You've heard this, and that, tried everything, and now you're currently on the verge of giving up.

Except you can't give up. And you shouldn't.

It's becoming more and more common nowadays that people are becoming overweight. And as people are becoming overweight so does the increasing search for how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks does as well, according to google's search metrics. Studies are conducted research after research for hopes on more answers that could help stuff people's concerns on solutions to combat weight gain, or expedite weight loss. What information do we actually need? If we're looking for weight loss friendly foods, even that topic can be quite broad.

As we get older we begin to lead busier lives, increase our portion sizes for the less healthy foods, and we generally just can't find the time to fit exercise inbetween our daily routines---although we should be. The result? We end up losing motivation to even go back to the gym.

What we do know however is that this is not ok and something really needs to be done.

I understand from my experience the dreadful feeling of fatigue when you're running out of breath, walking up a road where the inclines are slightly rising, and then you admit to yourself that you really need to lose more weight. Oh, how I always look for stairs before I make my way up.

I know what it's like to be in denial and constantly make excuses, encouraging everyone else to go along and have their fun while I "enjoy the scenery". And when I say enjoy the scenery, I mean to cool down to catch my breath and ask myself if whatever it is at the end of this walk really that amazing. What if I missed it? How bad would that be on myself?

If you've never heard of the 2 week diet or are unfamiliar of it, you can check it out by clicking here and go to the official website.

Sounds familiar ?

Table of Contents

  • Admitting You Need a Change
  • What Is The 2 Week Diet?
  • How is the Two Week Diet Different?
  • Program Overview
  • How the 2 Week Diet Works
  • Does Brian Flatt’s System Deliver?
  • What’s Included in the Package?
  • Pros of the 2 Week Diet
  • Cons of the 2 Week Diet
  • Price
  • Refund and Money Back Guarantee
  • Get Yours Today

Admitting You Need a Change

In America alone, 2 of 3 adults and 1 in 6 children are either obese or overweight. The problem (of being obese or overweight) doesn’t discriminate by gender either. It affects both men and women, although women have a higher prevalence rate of 40% compared to men’s 35%.

What those numbers really say, is that in modern society, weight management is a huge issue. And I’m saying that out of my own first hand experience. Up until a few months ago, I was this overweight person who was utterly uncomfortable in my own skin. I hated my weight, how it hung on my height, my lack of choices in clothes, and basically everything about my size. Weight loss can come with a loss of confidence. And with a loss of confidence it might seem like a dirty magic trick to you if you hear someone telling you how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

Plus there was always that lingering reality that an overweight or obese person is at a higher risk of suffering from related illnesses including:

My point here is that I know my life is a ticking timebomb, and I was living on borrowed time. I don’t mean to scare you in any way but if you are also obese or overweight, you too are living on borrowed time. Losing weight is no longer a matter of looks, but a matter of life and death.

But what am I saying? You probably know this. You have probably attempted to try fad diets, weight loss programs, and even crash diets. Losing weight can become of the most extremely frustrating things to achieve, and it doesn't help that a good number of lifestyle, fitness, and diet "solutions" suggested by these "experts" are just nothing more than scams that are meant to rob rob those who are making a serious attempt about losing weight and managing their lifestyle.

I’ve been there, I get it. But I wasn’t about to give up on my health, my life. In my frustration, I stumbled upon what Brian Flatt calls the "2 Week Diet".

Yes another diet. And to be honest, I was skeptical at first.

Until I saw that my pants were beginning to not leave creases into my belly anymore and the pounds actually declining. It was the lifeline that I was looking for. So who is Brian Flatt and why is his opinion important here? We will look at that in a little bit, but for now, let’s delve into the ‘2 Week Diet' and see what it’s all about.

What Is The 2 Week Diet?

Let’s start off with the big question, the one that’s on your mind, the one that was on mine, and let's assume the one that's on everyone’s mind.

Is it actually possible to lose weight in just two weeks?

The answer is Yes. If you’re willing to stick up and commence on the right expeditious weight loss programs, your body will react fast, and you will start seeing those pounds disappear. The

As its name suggests, the ‘2 Week Diet' is a 14-day weight loss system that is packed with exercise routines and proven diets that can pretty much help anyone on how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks and improve their health.

Not only does it aim to help you shed those pounds, but it also makes sure you do it in a natural, healthy way, and to maintain your new slimmer figure. That means once you’ve lost the weight, it’s not going to just come right back, like with so many crash diet programs.

How is the Two Week Diet Different?

The majority of weight loss products in the health and fitness industries are designed for you to see results, but not for them to stick. Maybe you’re familiar with these fad diets, or maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself.

They do this for a very simple reason – the creators want you to keep spending money, which translates to more money for them. This leads to the belief that diets don’t work. But that’s just not true.

If you look at the nitty-gritty of weight loss you will see that it is, in fact, possible to lose weight in 7 to 14 days; which is exactly what the ‘2 Week Diet' will help you to achieve.

It comes with handbooks that explain all that in details. There are several sections that talk about how your metabolism works and how it breaks down different types of foods like fat, carbohydrates, fruits, fiber, proteins, and much more. At the heart of your battle with excess weight, you will learn how to target the stubborn extra fat in your body, and kick start the process for the less stubborn areas as well.

Once you understand how different foods are broken down and how metabolism occurs, you will be able to take control of your own diet and health plan (who knows, maybe you'll be able to figure out how to lose weight fast without exercise--its actually not uncommon). You’ll discover which foods you can eat without having to worry about developing excess fat, and those that are likely to hinder your efforts in weight loss because they start to be stored as stubborn fat in your body--even after being metabolized. _That also hinders your exercise routines and makes it harder for you to put consistent amount of physical strength into your gym sessions_.

Long story short, your nutrition affects your metabolism rate, which in turn affects your body’s ability to store fat; and the more fat that your body is storing, the harder it will be to lose weight or maintain a weight that is healthy. So by knowing what to include in your diet, you will have a realistic solution to your weight concerns.

This, and much more, is the kind of handy information that the ‘2 Week Diet' puts at your fingertips. It also incorporates the exercises that you can combine with your dietary plan for more effective results.

Program Overview

Simply put, the ‘2 Week Diet' is a well-rounded guide that seeks to help anyone who wants to start losing weight, with noticeable results, in just 14 days. The guide places emphasis on diet and exercise, both of which help the body metabolize and burn excess fat.

Who Created the 2 Week Diet?

The ‘2 Week Diet' system was created by Brian Flatt. You may or may not have heard of him.

No stranger to the health and fitness industry, he has his own fitness company in Southern California where celebrities work out. He is also a highly regarded career nutritionist who has reviewed well over 500 health and fitness books and studies.

It is through such reviews that Flatt was able to learn of, and draw out the best proven ideas to create a no-nonsense practical and effective weight loss regime.

His first program – The 3 Week Diet – was a massive success. He realized, though highly successful, there were people who were struggling with weight issues that required a faster solution. Sometimes, losing weight comes with an urgency that needs to be addressed immediately. This is especially true if you need to lose weight for health reasons or having trouble breathing, or suffering from diabetes and joint problems. People were asking questions on how to lose weight fast naturally, or how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks, or if there are any supplements that can compliment or overdrive the 3 week diet system.

Those desires actually pushed him to create the ‘2 Week Diet'.

Who Can Use The Program?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing good about having an excess amount of weight. That is why a program that can help people lose weight fast is always welcomed. I know it was for me anyway.

In summary, and to put it plainly, the ‘2 Week Diet' is perfect for you, if you are serious about weight loss and are looking to start shedding off that excess fat within a very short period of time, but without making drastic changes to your dietary and exercise routines. That makes it ideal for anybody who is struggling with overweight and obesity issues.

That said, the program is also great for those who simply want to maintain a lean and fit figure because it comes with handy information on how not to gain excess weight. So you don’t necessarily have to be overweight or battling obesity to subscribe to this program.

Unlike many other weight loss programs, you will see the results quickly. This is the main barrier for sticking to a diet program for most people. You follow the schedule, you do the exercises, you’re making all the right choices, but you’re still not seeing any difference. This lack of change dampens your motivation, and eventually causes you to give up.

With other programs the results take too long to show, and even when they finally start losing some weight it happens very slowly. It takes much longer than 2 weeks.

One of the beauties of this program is that it works opposite to the scenario above. You see your body changing, you see the program working, and it will up your motivation to stick with it all the way through the two week mark.


You Don’t Have To Give Up Your Favorite Foods !

Another thing that makes it very hard for people to stick to fitness programs is the fact that most of them tend to forbid us from enjoying the things we like most.

Such diet programs are similar to instructions like ‘don’t eat carbs’, ‘stay away from fats’, ‘try fasting and starvation’, ‘bury yourself in workouts’, and many other rules that are just too hard to stick to. I can tell you right now, that sounds miserable.

What Flatt discovered is that such mantras are nothing more than torture to your physical and mental being, and you can totally lose weight without sticking to them. The secret is to keep track of your body’s metabolism. Know the rate at which it burns different foods and then base your diet so that it can metabolize effectively in a natural way.

In simpler terms, eat as many calories as you wish, as long as your body can burn them. Remember that it is totally okay to supplement your body’s ability to burn calories with exercises. But again, you don’t have to push yourself to the point of exhaustion, or carve out hours in your daily routine in the name of cutting weight and staying fit.

How the 2 Week Diet Works

The ‘2 Week Diet' is based on some basic health and fitness principles that have worked for centuries, but have been forgotten in our day and age. Brian Flatt, an expert in the field, has organized the program into simple-to-follow steps that anyone can follow to help get your baby foot steps to take big leaps.

There is also additional information to help you during the course of the program. For example, you will learn about the types of foods that are good for your metabolism, and how you can trigger your body to start burning the excess calories immediately.

What exactly are the steps included in this system?

We strongly encourage that you make a purchase and learn everything in detail, but here’s a sneak preview, hopefully, it satisfies some of your curiosity:

  • Colon cleansing recommendation: other than keeping diseases away, a clean and healthy colon is also key to proper digestion. So how does that relate to weight? Well, if your digestive tract is effective it will be efficient at making sure excess food is marked as waste, rather than storing it as fat in the belly. This is one reason why people who do colon cleanses rarely have big bellies.
  • Diet plan: a good diet will help you burn a lot of fat through natural metabolism. The suggested diet plans do not eliminate foods that contain carbs and fats completely, but they do give you real and practical ways of regulating their intake.
  • Cardio workouts: of course a weight loss regimen wouldn’t be complete without some physical exercises. But don’t be scared, the ‘2 Week Diet' only contains fun-to-do exercises like swimming and brisk walking. These simple activities are some of the most ignored workouts, yet they can help you lose as many as 15 pounds in a matter of days. So if you were like many other curious people wondering about ways to even lose 10 pounds fast, you might be in luck. Talk about effectiveness!
  • Willpower and motivation: just so we are clear, this program is not a magic pill, you will still need to put in some effort if you want the best results. The good news is that Brian Flatt incorporated a motivational section to help you through the whole course. If you are really serious about weight loss, you can even get one-on-one sessions with Flatt himself. That’s an opportunity that not many people who are trying to lose pounds get. You can bet he will fill you in on some personalized and insightful tricks on how to get the job done faster and effectively so you can try to challenge yourself into making it a 7 day diet plan for weight loss (Just kidding about the last part, maybe).

The ‘2 Week Diet' revolves around two things: diet and exercise. The recommended diet plans have scientific backing and you can be sure that they will help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. Incorporating exercises will accelerate your weight loss progress even further. You don’t need to strain yourself to see results, just a few 20 to 30-minute exercises (per day) are sufficient. All this and more in simple to read, easy-to-follow format so you can start making a difference in your health now.

Does Brian Flatt’s System Deliver?

Yes, it does.

With the ‘2 Week Diet', you can lose anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds in just 14 days. Just 14 days!

If you are serious about weight loss, you don’t need to look anywhere else, this is the ideal solution. You will get all the resources that you need to lose weight fast and safely, and also to maintain your new weight.

Most other diet programs don’t come with follow up guidance that helps you maintain your new, lean, and sexy look. That accounts for the reason why a good number of people usually gain back the weight they lost during the program within a very short period. With the ‘2 Week Diet', you don’t have to worry about that. It contains the best practices for both losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

What’s Included in the Package?

The ‘2 Week Diet' comes as a full package deal that contains the following booklets:

1) The launch handbook

This is a great place to start the course, as this booklet introduces you to the science behind gaining and losing weight. Brian Flatt explains why other diet plans fail, and what makes the ‘2 Week Diet' different.

2) The diet handbook

This one contains practical ways of implementing your new diet routine. There are no umbrella suggestions. Instead, you will learn what to eat and what to avoid, depending on the uniqueness of your body. Remember that our bodies have varying capabilities in metabolism, which explains why this handbook is as personal as it can possibly get.

3) The activity handbook

This is where you get the exercise recommendations. By the time you get to this level, you will be learning how to melt that excess fat, literally by working out. Flatt recommends that you limit yourself to the exercises that you are capable of handling without straining yourself or your tissues. Even by doing this, you will still lose weight consistently. There’s even a comprehensive gym workout plan for gym enthusiasts.

4) The motivation handbook

Weight loss is just as much about your mindset as it is about what you eat and how you exercise. With a positive mind and some motivation, you can achieve what many people think is impossible. That is why Flatt added this booklet to help you generate a positive mindset and keep you going. If at any time you feel like giving up you can always turn to it for some inspiration.

Pros of the 2 Week Diet

So far you can see clearly that the ‘2 Week Diet' is a well-designed system that can help you lose excess weight very easily and safely. If you adhere to it, you can shed 10 to 20 pounds. While that is the biggest advantage of subscribing to this program, it is not the only one. Here are a few more:

  • The system enjoys very positive reviews from users who have tried it.
  • Written in very simple and easy-to-understand language for all audiences.
  • Weight loss happens consistently over the 2 weeks, so chances are there won’t be any stretch marks afterward.
  • The system is based on universally proven scientific facts.
  • You will lose weight evenly across your entire body.
  • Works for both men and women of all ages.
  • Packaged in pdf format, meaning you can access the materials instantly on pretty much any modern device, whether it is a computer or mobile device.
  • Comes with a 60-day refund policy, no questions asked.
  • After losing weight you will learn how to maintain your lean body in the long run.

Cons of the 2 Week Diet

As they say, every good thing has its downsides. The ‘2 Week Diet' is no exception, and that is why we have a few cons for your consideration :

  • Rapid weight loss is not really dangerous, but you must approach it with some caution. A sudden change in your physical features, like weight, can have some unanticipated ripple effects. That is why you are always advised to seek medical help if you notice anything strange that is not related to losing weight.
  • Most of the material is packaged handbooks. Although they are very easy to read and understand, some people enjoy more visual lessons (especially when it comes to exercises). Fear not, you will already be familiar with most of the exercises, or if you need a little reminder, you can easily find instructional videos online.


With a one-time payment of $37 dollars, you can get the full package today. No additional purchases, monthly payments, or hidden charges. The ‘2 Week Diet' usually goes for $97.


Refund and Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the ‘2 Week Diet' system for any reason you can ask for a refund. It is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

With this guarantee you literally have nothing to lose, except the weight you’ll be shedding.

Get Yours Today

There’s no question the ‘2 Week Diet' offers a huge potential for self-improvement for anybody who is looking to lose some weight. However, like any other lifestyle program, anybody who attempts this system should be willing to commit to it fully to get the best results. So if you're one of many people searching for healthy weight loss programs, this is my recommended weight loss diet program to choose, based on my personal experience.

Having helped so many people already, the ‘2 Week Diet' may be your perfect solution for weight loss, whether you are struggling with obesity, are overweight, or you simply want to get that sexy body back. The information that Brian Flatt has compiled will help you choose your ideal diet and exercise routines for both now, and a very long time to come.

This program isn’t just a 2-week plan, it’s a long term investment in your life, health, and happiness.

Start today and be one day closer to being done. If so, you’ll see a radical difference with just 13 more days.


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