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You Should Only Weigh Yourself At This Time In The Day

July 18th 2 min read

Not All Weight is Considered Equal in the Day and Night When it comes to weighing yourself, your weight differs when it comes to the timing of the day. To lose weight fast is going to take a lot more than running on the treadmill or reducing your calories (although they are crucial strategies when…

These 7 Tips Will Help You Stay Active This Summer

July 17th 6 min read

Doesn’t it feel like the summer season just gets hotter and hotter every year ?! It is absolutely nuts! With numerous barbecues happening every other week (or, to some of you luckier ones: every week ) and constantly chowing down on every opportunity you get with delicious eats in the summer…

Your Chances of Depression Is Two Times Greater With This Diet Restriction

July 17th 2 min read

Clue: A Key Nutrient That Plays A Vital Role In Mental Health As of the year 2006, 6.3% don’t eat poultry, 7.6% don’t eat dairy, 14.6% of Americans don’t eat seafood, and 23.4% don’t eat honey. ( 1 ). In addition, of all Americans only 6.7% of them back off from consuming meat. That’s a huge portion…

How To Reach Ketosis

July 16th 6 min read

Ketosis is one of the most popular topics in weight loss and dieting. In order to get you pumped up for the rest of this article lets be reminded of what ketosis is and the key benefits of reaching ketosis: Ketosis Ketosis is the metabolic process of using fat as the primary source of energy…






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Increases muscles mass. Amplifies the muscle-building, fat-burning effect. Promotes quicker burning of calories.


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Strengthens bones in legs and hips. Improves mood and promotes great sense of accomplishment. Burns calories quickly.

Power Yoga

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Releases tension in the body and mind. Promotes intuitive eating. Provides physical, mental, and social benefits for weight loss.


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