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The Power of Protein

October 8th 1 min read

Thanks to its association with added muscle mass, most people don’t think about protein as it pertains to weight loss. They’re afraid it will only add bulk, a fear that can lead to protein deficiency. Although it’s true that eating too much of any food will likely lead to weight gain, protein plays…

11 Reasons Why You Should Eat Kale

August 22nd 3 min read

Kale is today one of the most nutritionally important vegetables in the world, possessing the highest levels of lutein of all vegetables contained with the USDA’s database, and also belonging to the important family of cruciferous veggies. Kale grows best in cooler climates, especially Mediterranean…

The Hidden Truth About Cardio

August 21st 3 min read

In western cultures like ours, countries like the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada and other European nations, what’s the first thing that anybody thinks of or tells you whenever the idea of weight loss is brought up? You’ve got to hit the treadmill, exercise bike or the streets and burn those calories…

7 Best Tips to Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

August 20th 6 min read

You're probably thinking "How in the world is mindful eating supposed to help me lose weight?" Well, those who are familiar with the term probably once asked themselves that question. But don't roll your eyes too quickly. Research supports mindful eating as one of the leading causes in weight gain…






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Workout Exercises

Curated For Weight Loss


Mentioned 7 times

Increases muscles mass. Amplifies the muscle-building, fat-burning effect. Promotes quicker burning of calories.


Mentioned 14 times

Strengthens bones in legs and hips. Improves mood and promotes great sense of accomplishment. Burns calories quickly.

Power Yoga

Mentioned 3 times

Releases tension in the body and mind. Promotes intuitive eating. Provides physical, mental, and social benefits for weight loss.

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