10 Weight Loss Strategies That Truly Work

Author: Nat Gray

June 3rd, 2018 3 min read

Last Updated: August 11th, 2018

10 Weight Loss Strategies That Truly Work

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Excuses don’t burn calories. —Anonymous

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You’re slowly but surely chugging along on your track of weight loss. You’ve figured out by now that it’s not one major thing that works — you find success by implementing a lot of small changes. If you need some new healthy techniques, give the following a try. They’ll definitely help you to reach your weight-loss goals faster.

Add Flax Seed

Fiber makes you feel fuller longer, and flaxmeal is one of those foods that you can hardly taste but which offers a bulking effect to your food. Sprinkle it in your smoothie, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, salad dressing, soups, cooked whole grains, and baked goods. Here are 9 Best Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Eat Rainbow Colored Foods

There is something to be said for a plate being visually pleasing that adds to your feeling of satisfaction. Plus eating a rainbow of vibrant colors also encourages you to eat more variety, which can also make you feel happier and more content.

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Put Aside a Dollar For Every Pound Lost

Put an empty mason jar on your counter where you see it a few times every day. Every time you exercise, throw money in the jar — $1 for regular workouts, $5 for longer ones like workshops, hikes, or races. After the workout piggybank is full, go out and use it to reward your efforts (in a healthy way, of course).

Add Protein Powder

Used typically for protein smoothies, you can add protein powder to just about anything, from nut butters to oatmeal, pancakes and waffles, and baked goods. Getting extra protein will make anything you eat more satisfying, which means you’ll feel less hungry. And research shows doubling your protein intake can help you lose weight faster. Here are some Deliciously Filling High-Protein Smoothies to Help With Weight Loss.

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Eat More

Admittedly, that sounds nuts if you’re trying to lose weight, but research shows eating more often — smaller meals and snacks five to six times a day instead of three large meals — can help you lose weight faster. It has to do with boosting your metabolism, which translates to more calories burned per day.

Add Grapefruit to Your Water

Cut up a few wedges of grapefruit and squeeze the juice into your water (hot or cold) or place a couple thin slices into your glass. While grapefruit water itself isn’t a magic weight-loss elixir, the fruit is a low-cal way to add vibrant flavor to H2O. Grapefruit is also considered a fat-burning food that can kick-start your metabolism and curb cravings. Here are 10 Top Health Benefits of Grapefruit.

Cook A Week’s Meal in Advance

Whether it’s mason jar salads for lunch, a huge crockpot of soup for dinner, a big batch of whole grains, or a make-ahead breakfast bake, taking a little extra time at the beginning of the week will pay off. Having meals and snacks ready when hunger strikes can prevent eating junk later.

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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

If you enjoy a tart, acidic shot of apple cider vinegar before meals, studies have shown it may help keep you from feeling hungry by slowing stomach emptying. It also lowers the glycemic index of high-carb foods, helping you feel fuller longer by slowing the release of glucose into your bloodstream.

Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand

You know your cravings, whether they’re for cookies, chocolate, or chips. Here are 21 Best Fruits For Naturally Fast Weight Loss.

Go easy on yourself

Above all else, stop stressing over weight loss. Obsessing over losing weight is counterproductive! Making yourself stressful does crazy things to your body and you will ultimately have a harder time losing weight. So, don’t think too much and overcomplicate things—with weight loss, more often than not, simplicity is best.

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