These Cabbage Benefits Are Perfect For Weight Loss

July 27th, 2018 2 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

These Cabbage Benefits Are Perfect For Weight Loss

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Did you know that cabbage was popular amongst russians to keep themselves sustainable, for centuries? Despite it being a "gold mine" for being packed with nutrients, it's also often overlooked.

Although it looks a lot like a lettuce, it actually belongs to the Brassica genus of veggies (which include vegetables like kale, cauliflower and broccoli) (1).

Cabbage can come in a variety of both shapes and colors including green, white, red and purple, and its leaves can be either smooth or crinkled.

They're fortunately very low in calories and contain high amounts of fiber, making you feel full longer. It's no wonder they're a great choice for anyone looking to lose weight fast. In addition, they also help your blood sugar. In certain areas they're frequently used as weight loss cabbage soup for a weight loss diet.

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By filling up on low calorie foods such as cabbage you reduce your overall calorie intake, shifting your body into a state where it uses energy stores for energy.

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But this essential veggie doesn’t just help with weight loss. Cabbage (especially the red variety) is also a surprisingly excellent source of vitamin C, which according to experts, might increase your chances of avoiding the terrifying ability to develop diabetes. Red cabbage also benefits from one bonus: Anthocyanins, a natural pigment which give plants their delightful color. Research suggests that red cabbage may help boost insulin production and help diminish lower blood sugar levels as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

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Many studies have shown benefits for weight loss that includes diets that are high in vegetables and fruits. However, it is recommended to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits, not just cabbage.

Health Bonus:

Sulphoraphane is also included as one of the benefits of cabbage as they're found in them, which has potent anticancer properties. One study of women found that those who ate the most cabbage and its cruciferous cousins, like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, had a 45 percent lower breast cancer risk than women who ate the least.

Cabbage may also help guard against lung cancer. Fermented cabbage, a.k.a. sauerkraut, may have even higher levels of anticancer compounds, a result of the fermentation process. Just beware of sauerkraut’s high sodium content; rinse it before heating.

(The Glycemic Load is very low)

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