Want To Start Clean-Eating? Here Are 6 Ways To Start

July 15th, 2018 5 min read

Last Updated: August 12th, 2018

Want To Start Clean-Eating? Here Are 6 Ways To Start

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Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again. —Richard Branson

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As days go on our bodies grow older. And when our bodies grow older our eating habits change. But for many of us, these "newer" eating habits actually begin to weigh us down.

If you came to the decisions of avoiding processed junk food and nixing on unhealthy convenience foods, I should welcome you to the fascinating world of clean eating.

Clean eating might come in several forms (depending on who you ask, actually), but the general rule of thumb is to get involved with whole foods over other foods as much as possible, and say no to foods with added colors, chemicals and preservatives.

Clean eating involves:

  • Eating more plant-based foods (lentils, beans, peas, high-protein whole grains)
  • Eating more real foods
  • Eating for nourishment (choose wisely when eating out)
  • Adapting to a cleaner lifestyle

Now with a firm image of steps in clean-eating, lets go more in further detail:

Eat Several Small Meals To Keep Your Bloog Sugar Stable And Avoid Overeating

As previously mentioned, nuts are an important source of nutrient to incorporate into your diet. Their content includes a good source of siber, protein and minerals, which compliments our minimum recommended daily nutrition intake very well. In addition, choose low-fat or fat free dairy foods as well as vegetables and fruits. Here Are Several Important Reasons Why You Need To Eat Throughout The Day If You Want To Lose Weight

Note: Not everyone adopts the same strategy for clean-eating. Some are able to follow along nice and well simply by avoiding dairy products, while others adopt the vegetarian lifestyle.

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Eat Plenty Of Fruits And Vegetables

It's important that you choose fresh, unprocessed foods over processed or canned products. People who practice clean eating regularly commonly believe that we were meant to survive and live with fresh vegetables and fruits, and that when they're processed they become stripped of their nutritional value (as well as fiber content). In addition, it also adds salt, sugar, chemicals and fat.

So choose your whole fruit instead of fruit juice. And if you really must choose a processed vegetable, then choosing a frozen one is always better than canned vegetables. Not sure if you're not having enough? Here are Signs You're Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Avoid High-Calorie, Sugary Drinks and Sodas (And alcohol)

When picking up a habit of clean eating it's important to try aiming to remove added sugars from any diet. Choose tea or water for your all of your beverages, or juice your own vegetables and fruits and enjoy them without added preservatives or sugars.

A good way to keep your thirst at bay is to start drinking ample water. If you're able to have a water bottle with you throughout the day, it can help you remember to stay hydrated and keep your mind off of sugary beverages.

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If you really want to drink sugary beverages or alcohol every day, drink them in moderation.

Avoid 100-Calorie Snack Packs

The portion sizes of these snack packs can be helpful if you're suddenly craving candy, crackers or chips. But these are still processed food, so don't make the mistake of making these your daily go-to snack. “It’s better to get high-quality foods that will fill you up, rather than low-calorie foods filled with sugar and hydrogenated oils,” says Sarah Greenfield, R.D., and digestive health coach.

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Balance Complex Carbs And Protein

Try to incorporate whole grains like brown rice over white rice (or simply processed grains). Try to choose lean meats, grass fed or organic meats as much as possible as they're usually absent of addictives, dangerous pesticides and hormones.

And it's always a good idea to steam or grill your meats rather than frying.

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Swap Bad Fats For Good Fats

Now one of the most important concepts of following the clean-eating routine is to remove saturated fats from your diet. Lower your intake of saturated fat by avoiding fast food (although you should be avoiding fast food in any circumstance) and choosing lean cuts of meat as well as getting your fat calories from healthy foods such as fatty fish or nuts. Here are reasons why you should consider nuts in your weight loss diet plan.

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