What is the Whole30 Diet And How Does it Work?

Author: Lisa Becker

August 2nd, 2018 5 min read

Last Updated: August 19th, 2018

What is the Whole30 Diet And How Does it Work?

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There are many diets to try and some of them fail for some people. But what is the Whole30 diet?

The Whole30 diet is a nutritional program to be followed for 30 days, designed to change the way you eat and feel in 30 days. You basically have to remove the potential inflammatory beverages and food in your diet (such as grains, alcohol, legumes, sugar, baked goods, sweeteners, processed foods and beverages, and junk foods). In addition you have to eat 3 clean meals a day made with Whole30-approved ingredients like eggs, meats, veggies, and seafood.

The co-founder of this diet is Melissa Hartwig---but she doesn't like to call it a diet as typical diets are all about counting calories, feeling hungry, and getting sad over time. As previously explained, the Whole30 diet plan focuses on changing your eating habits so that you eat clean and healthier by eliminating foods that are harming our health.

Melissa states that certain foods we eat have a crucial role in the state of our energy levels, digestion, skin, illnesses, weight and many other things. The diet specifically tackles on such foods from your diet, and helps you freshen your system. After the 30 days of the diet system is over, you start having all of the restricted foods one by one and then see how each group makes an impact on your body.

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List of Things You Should Not Eat During the Whole30 Diet

  • Dairy Products

  • Legumes and Grains

  • Alcohol

  • Sugar (Real/Artificial)

  • Junk foods, baked foods, and other outside treats

  • No weighing or measuring yourself for 30 days

Things to Eat During the Whole30 Diet

The diet plan encourages you to eat real food. That means no sugar or added preservatives. You can eat organic vegetables, meat, and fish. The thing is for this diet you have to follow it completely to the end (30 days), and if you do one thing wrong you would have to start over from day one, regardless of which day you were on. Many people have tried it and all find it important. Here are some Weight Loss Tips To Keep In Mind.

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Benefits of Whole30

Improved Digestion

Even just by following the plan for only two weeks you will be able to feel lighter and easier on your stomach, so if you often feel bloated you will definitely feel better with this plan. Note: Do you have symptoms you can't explain? Do you get irritable? Feel bloated? Do you ever feel uneasy or foggy? The truth is all in your gut. Feel better and lose weight with PureBiome 30 Supplements: A probiotic that can solve your IBS, brain fog, energy crashes, etc.

Improved Skin Quality

People who currently prone to acne should definitely try the Whole30 diet. The plan even promises to improve in other skin problems such as eczema. The more you glow, the happier you'll feel.

Weight Loss

Restricting oneself from eating outside food, being entirely health and eating healthy can make anyone lose weight fast. The best part about the Whole30 diet, is that along with losing weight it won't make you feel like you're on an energy deficit, since you're having plentiful food.

Confidence and Realization

After making your way to the finish line with the diet you'll finally come to the conclusion of knowing which foods suit you and the ones that don't. Remember, its ok to cheat but only in moderation, whereas going overboard is not. Life is all about balance.

Breaking Up With Your Cravings

When you don't eat anything for a month, the strong urge and cravings you had before will no longer be with you.

Improved Workout and Sleep

People who followed Whole30 are said to have been sleeping better as well as performing better during their workout sessions.

Your body is a machine, and so fueling it with good calories and nutrients can help it function much better.

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Why try Whole30?

The best thing about this diet plan is that you don't have to keep track of your calorie intake. You're eating enough so you won't be on an energy deficit or feel hungry. The diet doesn't just focus on weight loss however, it also improves overall health.

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Why is it 30 Days?

Some of you might have been thinking to yourself, "Why 30 days and not 21 or 28?" It takes 66 days days to develop habits. But if someone was told to do it for that long, they might just be scared thinking about it. Thus, 30 days is neither too short or too long, and it's satisfactory to bring visible changes.

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Starting Out

Decided to go on with the Whole30 diet plan?

You can begin with clearing up your fridge and pantry. Meal prepping in advance leaves no room for outside food.

If you're looking for a full-on book to help you with everything you need to know like whole30 recipes or a whole30 food list, here are some books tackling the Whole30 diet on amazon to get you started:

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