Reasons Why You Should Consider Nuts In Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

May 4th 8 min read

I know, I know. We hear this every where, and every day. "Nuts are healthy. Nuts help burn fat. Nuts help you lose weight" . Nuts this and nuts that. But after researching more about those nuts and how affective they are in benefiting our health and daily recommended nutritionous intake, I could not wait to write an article about this! Nuts are…

What Happens When You Consume Less Than 1000 Calories A Day?

April 17th 5 min read

In order for us to survive we all need to eat. When we eat, our body is able to function normally. And when our body is able to function normally then we are able to achieve our goals (and reach for the stars) We all love to eat don't we? For some people, eating makes them feel happier. And for others --- they simply just need to eat in order to…

Why kiwi is so great and why we should care

April 16th 1 min read

You've eaten kiwi before, haven't you? You know... those delicious green fruits that grow inside these brown protective layers --- the skin . I've heard the skin of a kiwi is completely edible and is even loaded with way more fiber and vitamin C than the actual fruit inside. Just like oranges ! Kiwi is a low-calorie, fat-free fruit that offers…

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