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Top 73 Weight Loss Blogs to Follow in 2018

June 1st 15 min read

To compliment your chances of success in achieving weight loss it is a good idea to have resources in handy to help you on questions or concerns that may bother you in the meantime. These top 73 weight loss blogs to follow in 2018 will help you strengthen your agenda and toolkit for becoming a weight loss fanatic. Here are the Top 100 Weight Loss…

13 Kardashian Weight Loss Tips You Should Never Follow

May 31st 11 min read

When a Kardashian shares a weight loss tip, people listen. After all, Kim has been enormously successful losing the 60 pounds she gained during pregnancy; Kourtney lost 35 pounds in the five months following the birth of her youngest child and now uses her app as a platform to blog healthy living tips; and Khloé, who authored the book Strong…

How to Make Jeera Water for Weight Loss and Unleash its Health Benefits

May 31st 2 min read

Cumin (jeera) is a staple in the spice box of any traditional Indian kitchen. The seeds much-loved while tempering, and its powdered form is equally loved in adding a punch to say, a beverage like buttermilk. It’s widely used across the length and breadth of our country with good reason. Cumin has a high quantity of fibre and nutrition Jeera is…

Move Aside, Slow Cooker — These Instant Pot Recipes Will Keep Your Weight Loss in Check

May 31st 1 min read

When it comes to trendy kitchen gadgets, the Instant Pot is all the rage right now, and with good reason. It's versatile and convenient, and it makes for less mess and less time spent in the kitchen. As far as recipe options are concerned, the possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to cooking healthy options . If you're looking for…

Weight Loss is Linked to Breakfast. This is Why you Must Have it on Time.

May 31st 3 min read

Missing out on your breakfast is not good for the system and can actually lead to weight gain, studies have shown. By skipping this meal, not only do you end up putting on weight, but also open the door to lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Researchers from Tel Aviv University…

10 Ways You Can Fight Against Food Cravings

May 30th 5 min read

Food cravings are very common. In fact, more than 50% of people experience cravings on a regular basis. Addiction to food, binge eating play a major role in weight gain. Being aware of your cravings and their triggers makes them much easier to avoid. It also makes it a lot easier to eat healthy and lose weight. I am sure everyone feels craving…

6 habits to set yourself up for weight-loss success — for life

May 30th 4 min read

Someone once said that youth is wasted on the young. There’s some truth to this, of course. Our 20-something selves have a naturally higher metabolism, more muscle and are generally more active than our 40-plus versions. We lose muscle with every decade of life, starting at the end of our 20s. But instant weight loss is not a guarantee. Many…

The 6 Worst Things You Do After Gaining Weight

May 30th 4 min read

Put on a few extra pounds this summer? Don’t sweat it! By getting back on track and opting for healthier choices, you’ll slim-down in no time. Just be sure to avoid these six blunders, sure to wreak even more havoc on your progress. Beat Yourself Up In a study published in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2012, positive self…

This morning beverage can boost your exercise, burn weight faster

May 29th 3 min read

If you are a gym-goer, you would have noticed how drinking a cup of coffee in the morning before hitting the treadmill or lifting weights seems to make you feel more athletic and energetic than usual. Research supports the claim that coffee can improve your fitness quotient and help you lose weight. A study done by researchers at Coventry…

Learn How to Keep Your Weight Loss Goal in Check by Keeping Yourself in Check

May 10th 7 min read

Tracking Calories How ever your goal for weight loss is planned out it all comes down to this very important thing: managing your calories . Our bodies are a very complex machine that requires fuel to drive your metabolism and perform all the necessary movements. Calories from food and beverages that we consume are the ones to provide these fuels…

Burn More Body Fat With 5 Simple Moves & Exercises

May 9th 7 min read

We've all asked these questions before: What's the best way to burn fat the fastest? Which exercises are the most efficient? Which ones burn the most calories? How many calories would I burn if I just do jumping jacks? Well you walked into the right place because I'm going to fill you up with the answers that hopefully solves your concerns! The…

Weight Loss: Sniffing Foods That Help

May 8th 4 min read

If you're trying to lose weight it's important to stay healthy. And by staying healthy it involves making healthy decisions in food or choosing the right diet plan. There are countless ways to get healthier! But did you know that sniffing certain types of foods is one of them? (Wow!) Here is a list of foods that provide health benefits when…






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