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Overeating Makes It Harder To Lose Weight. Here's How To Stop Overeating

May 7th 14 min read

Unless you're keeping yourself in check or you're simply good at stopping yourself, it's very easy to fall in the habit of overeating . While overeating can provide a quick boost for feelings of happiness, its not a great idea if you're trying to lose weight. So if you've been spoiling yourself by reaching for that last second (or third/fourth…

Reasons Why You Should Consider Nuts In Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

May 4th 8 min read

I know, I know. We hear this every where, and every day. "Nuts are healthy. Nuts help burn fat. Nuts help you lose weight" . Nuts this and nuts that. But after researching more about those nuts and how affective they are in benefiting our health and daily recommended nutritionous intake, I could not wait to write an article about this! Nuts are…

11 Best Exercises To Diminish The Fat Around Your Belly

May 3rd 5 min read

Most of us can agree that if we want to create lean, healthy muscle tissue in our stomachs, it is not the most pleasant experience on the road. The abs are a problem area for many people, and you may have to shed fat before your stomach muscles become visible. That being said, not all abs are created equal. Some people need to work their abs to…

Here Are Several Important Reasons Why You Need To Eat Throughout The Day If You Want To Lose Weight

May 1st 6 min read

Your body suggests a certain amount of calories to be met in order to stay consistent with health and weight gain every day. When it begins to fall in a deficit of calories, it begins to go in a starvation state. When your body is at a calorie deficit, conditions occur. The upcoming 3 points below will explain the importance of being under a…

7 Reasons Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year To Lose Weight

April 29th 7 min read

If you're trying to lose weight and haven't been going at it enough, its time to think fast. Because, my friends, I am here to tell you that spring is ending in approximately 52 days from the date of this post. And guess what? Spring is the best time of the year to lose weight, so take advantage of the season while it is still a bliss because…

Weight Loss Tips To Keep In Mind

April 25th 7 min read

A good plan to have when you are trying to lose weight or on a diet plan it is important to constantly acknowledge and follow an established check list which is destined to help you reach your goal. This goes for anything, not just for losing weight. When you follow a check list and are making sure that you follow through with the things listed it…

6 Evidence-Based Ways To Lose And Burn Belly Fat

April 21st 11 min read

If you were wondering how to lose belly fat and struggling to decide with all of the information out there that are attempting to feed you information to solve your problems, this post aims to shed some light on helping you find the right and effective solutions to make a better decision on how to burn that belly fat off from you. I understand that…

10 Reasons Why Your Body Fat Isn't Going Anywhere

April 19th 5 min read

If you are thinking to get rid of the fat from your belly or are constantly asking yourself how to lose body fat fast, then you are thinking the right way. Too much body fat overall is bad for you. Why? Because you end up generating adipose hormones and adipokines which are the bad guys that travel to your blood vessels and organs, and wreak…

What Happens When You Consume Less Than 1000 Calories A Day?

April 17th 5 min read

In order for us to survive we all need to eat. When we eat, our body is able to function normally. And when our body is able to function normally then we are able to achieve our goals (and reach for the stars) We all love to eat don't we? For some people, eating makes them feel happier. And for others --- they simply just need to eat in order to…

Why kiwi is so great and why we should care

April 16th 1 min read

You've eaten kiwi before, haven't you? You know... those delicious green fruits that grow inside these brown protective layers --- the skin . I've heard the skin of a kiwi is completely edible and is even loaded with way more fiber and vitamin C than the actual fruit inside. Just like oranges ! Kiwi is a low-calorie, fat-free fruit that offers…






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